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Which snowplow to choose to shovel snow effortlessly

Shoveling snow is a fairly common activity in the winter season to keep paths and paths clean, especially if snowfalls are frequent in the area where we live. For many people, the winter season means taking hours to clear the access roads. But how to shovel snow effortlessly? Buying a snow plough is the best way to do it and lose even less time. Here are some tips to know which snowplow to choose when buying. And you need to know difference between 3 stage snow blower vs 2 stage.

How to choose a snowplow

The first thing to take into account to understand which snowplow to choose is the size of the area to be cleared.

For example, if you need a snowplough to shovel snow from the driveway and paths in your home, you should opt for models with less power than you need to shovel snow effortlessly from very large outdoor areas, such as parking lots or yards.

You should also take into account the amount of snow and snowfall in the area where you live.

Choosing a snowplow with a powerful engine and a wide width will allow you to move heavy and deep snow soon and thus save you time and effort.

When buying a snowplow it is important to consider the power steering. A model equipped with power steering is undoubtedly easier to manoeuvre than the others.

With the power steering you can make many turns while shoveling snow and this ensures better and more accurate clearing because you can go in different directions.

It is also important to choose a model that guarantees maximum safety. Precisely because these are powerful machines, it is essential to choose the safest model in order to avoid accidents. So pay attention to the safety labels on the machine.

Also essential is the size of the wheels, which attests to the grip you can get. For example, if you live in a place where the snowfall is heavy, consider buying a snowplough with a track drive system for better traction.

Also check the type of discharge, an important tool to understand at what distance and in which direction the snow will be thrown.

Typically, single-stage snowploughs throw snow up to 10 meters, while two-stage snowploughs throw snow up to 14 meters. Make sure that the chosen model is equipped with headlights so that you can work in the dark if necessary.

Which snowplow to buy

Among the models available on the market you can find electric snowploughs, ideal for smaller spaces, which do not require too long power cables.

The working width of these models varies from 30 to 40 cm. They are light and ideal even on sloping surfaces and to remove snow that does not exceed 30 cm. In addition, they cost less than petrol models and require little maintenance.

Petrol snowploughs, on the other hand, are ideal for larger surfaces, have a working width of up to 60-70 cm, are more efficient and faster, but compared to electric snowploughs they are also noisier.

The cost is obviously higher and they differ in one and two gears. For soils covered with gravel, a two-speed snowplough is definitely worthwhile to facilitate snow clearing.

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