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GreenCLEAN Dissolvable Laundry Bags

A big part of handling a bed bug infestation is laundering all of your clothes. To do that, you need to move all of your clothes from the bedroom to the the washer. And you have to do it all in a specific way, being careful not to accidentally spread bed bugs. It is a process. The more steps in a process, the greater the chance of slipping up. You’re going to be working hard to handle your bed bug problem. You want to minimize any chance of slipping up.

Doing Laundry Is Simple, Right?

Okay, so getting everything into the laundry seems straightforward enough. Heck, you already do this every week. It couldn’t be that hard. Right? Turns out this isn’t a case of “business as usual”.

The Problem With Laundry Baskets

You don’t want to just throw everything into a clothes basket and move it into the wash room. If bed bugs are in your clothes, they could easily climb off the clothes and out of the basket. And if you have a wooden clothes basket they could even find places to hide in there, spreading later. That’s not going to work.

The Problem With Trash Bags

The common solution is to use trash bags but dealing with trash bags is a time-consuming hassle. They hold a lot but — you have to pack them, carefully unpack them and then get rid of them in the right way. That process of packing, unpacking and disposing is where things can go wrong and sabotage your efforts at bed bug eradication.

You have to be careful when you unpack trash bags into the washing machine. You don’t want to accidentally spread bed bugs from infested clothes. It’s possible bed bugs could get on the clothes you are wearing, on your shoes or fall off onto the floor and scamper away to hide. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of laundering all your clothes.

You also have to dispose of the trash bags the right way. That means putting them inside another bag and then putting them all in an outside trash can immediately. It’s not exactly back-breaking labor but it can be a tedious process. And if you slip up while handling the bags, you risk spreading bed bugs. The whole point is that you want to do this right the first time so A. you don’t have to do it all over again and B. it doesn’t undermine all your other bed bug eradication efforts.

Lucky for you there is a faster, easier way to handle your laundry: GreenCLEAN dissolvable laundry bags.

What Are Greenclean Bags And How Do They Work?

GreenCLEAN bags are made of a special material that dissolves in the wash. You put your clothes in them and then throw them directly in the washing machine. The GreenCLEAN bags will simply dissolve in the wash. No unpacking and disposing of the trash bags. This means you don’t have to risk spreading bed bugs fooling around with regular trash bags bags. Like I said, it makes the whole process faster and easier.

Let’s recap to make sure it’s clear how easy they are to use:

  1. Put clothes in GreenCLEAN bags.
  2. Put GreenCLEAN bags in wash.

You’re done. It simplifies the whole process of bagging up bed bug infested clothes and washing them. You’ll have more peace of mind because you can be sure you didn’t spread bed bugs handling the trash bags.
Here are some specifics:

  1. GreenCLEAN bags are biodegradable.
  2. They dissolve in water above 60 degrees (Fahrenheit).
  3. They’re safe for your washing machine and don’t leave any residue or material behind.
  4. That goes for the clothes too. They won’t affect your clothes in any way, including delicates.
  5. Dissolvable laundry bags are safe and have withstood the test of time. They have been used in the healthcare industry for over 30 years.

What Else Do You Need To Know?

GreenCLEAN bags are available in two styles: one for front-loading machines and one for top-loading machines. Top-loading machines typically have an agitator (that thing in the middle that spins) so one big bag wouldn’t work. Top-loading style bags are smaller. You’ll use 2 or 3 for each load. Front-loading machines don’t have an agitator though so they can be placed in 1 larger bag.

You can buy GreenCLEAN bags in either style in quantities of 10, 20 or 100. You’ll want enough bags to last you four weeks after bed bug treatment, so make sure you buy enough ahead of time.

Some people also take bags with them while traveling. You can bag up your dirty clothes after you wear them. If they happen to become infested while you’re staying someplace, you have effectively contained the problem. When you get home you throw the bags into the laundry and eliminate the risk of spreading them and the hassle of dealing with trash bags.

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